Coven Book Club: Welcome to Wetlands

The premise is simple. Some Coven readers read a book relating to that month’s theme, and then they discuss it. Since we’re all in different places, we WhatsApp it. Then you can all see it.

This month, we discussed Wetlands by Charlotte Roche.

Wetlands is the story of the bodily fluid-guzzling, germ-loving, sexually active Helen, who is in hospital after a particularly unpleasant incident involving haemorrhoids and a razor. It’s funny and sad and extremely gross.

We talked about being squeamish, feminist nausea, showering with your co-workers and nearly getting arrested for a spot of topless sunbathing.

Taking part in the conversation this month was me (natch), Rebecca Kennedy, Fiona O’Grady, Anne O’Neill and Ellen Coyne.


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