Abortion Stories: D

All September, we are publishing abortion stories. If you are an Irish person who had an abortion, or a person who found themselves pregnant in Ireland and in search of one, and would like to share your experience, email sarah@thecoven.me. There is no editorial guideline – a line or a paragraph or a chapter. Your voice counts. Correspondence will be entered into in strictest confidence.

I’m Irish. I don’t live in Ireland. I live in a country that has safe, legal abortions. After mine, I was able to go home to my own sofa, watch my tv and sleep in my own bed. A friend came with me for the procedure, as my then boyfriend was only able to meet me that night. We even ended up going out for food to one of my favourite restaurants. I was hyper. I feel guilty that my story is like this and thousands of other Irish women can’t tell a similar one. 

Abortion in Feb 2007. My child would have been 9 this September. I think about him every day, and I thank everyone that I made the right decision for both of us. It is a decision that no one takes lightly. 

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