Abortion Stories: Comment

This comment was left on one of our Abortion Stories posts and appears here unedited.

I am English and have lived in Ireland for 25 years and have 1 teenage daughter. In my mid 50 s now and involved in activism on a number of issues repealing the 8th has been something I thought not my issue at this time, overstretched supporting other causes I decided I could not find the time to support this cause. Sure I say to myself if my daughter needs to go to the UK to terminate a pregnancy at any time in her life it wont be that hard. I can go to family who will accommodate us, be non judgemental, and understanding, my own mother has shared her own pre legal abortion in the UK story with me about the understanding Doctor that helped her get the abortion by saying she was mentally unstable and to carry the child to term would damage her mental health further, and of how she was sterilised during the process and although she consented it was not really a choice as it was part of the terms of terminating the pregnancy. She was widowed with 3 children and found out after she became pregnant that the father was already married. So knowing this and being able to talk openly with Mother and Sister on this issue, it seemed easy in my mind to think; ah well if we (myself and my daughter) ever need to we will just head over to family in UK. Then just this week at age 55 I had a pregnancy scare I am in perimenopause and not safe from pregnancy yet lots of menopause symptoms but still menstruating irregularly. The fear of this possibilty hit home, an upset tummy that might have been morning sickness, the high risk for a pregnancy this late in life, the age I would be if I carried the child to term when that child was a teen, I would be 70 the haunting fear of raising a possibly disabled child. Suddenly the Oh I will just go to England didnt seem so easy, the reality of it started to worry me. Could I? Would I? I found myself buying a pregnancy test. Really was I really buying a pregnancy test at my age when I was going grey and feeling the start of arthritic joints. Yes I really was yes I really could have been pregnant just this week. Unlikely but not impossible. Thankfully that test was negative and I breathed great sighs of relief, but it brought home to me the reality of how it would really be, how it might be for other Women my age who might not have the support I would have at the end of their journey to the UK. Today I have changed my mind, today I do have time to support this cause, I will support this cause to repeal the 8th for myself for my daughter for my mother and and for all women.

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